It was a chilly start to the day with the temperature being -23C when I left my home to do my normal Sunday chores of laundry and grocery shopping. At one point the car did read … → February 14, 2016

Friday afternoon I decided to go back to being a gym member. Id been a member of Planet Fitness before in Manchester and really liked it so I’m back again. I prefer it to Cardio Express … → February 13, 2016

I finally got to head out and see the new Star Wars movie at a late night Saturday showing with one of my friends and what I didn’t know until after was that she is also a huge … → January 3, 2016

Its been a while since I was last at Gay City State Park just like it been a while since I last had a chance to catch up with Tereza and I was able to accomplish … → December 6, 2015

Finally made it to Bluff Point, you would think after living in this area for so long that I would have made it here sooner. Definitely somewhere I will be coming back to again in the … → December 5, 2015

Its been a rainy Saturday in Connecticut but now that its down to a light drizzle I thought I would take A trip to Mystic to see the Lighted Boat Parade. I parked at the Mystic … → November 27, 2015

I Started my day off right with a walk at Bailey’s Ravine in Franklin near my home. It was a cool start to the day but I enjoyed the 3 miles I was able to walk … → November 22, 2015

Following my discovery that my modern well insulated energy efficient home in fact keeps fresh air out and poor quality air in Ive taken to opening the windows often. While the weather allows I am sleeping … → November 15, 2015

In my efforts to be healthier and generally in better shape I started my day off today with a run at Lebanon Green. Now to say it was a run is a little generous as it … → November 14, 2015

My new obsession to a healthier life has seen me replace my old scales with a Withings Smart Body Analyzer which measures and logs your weight, body fat, heart rate and home air quality. The shock today … → November 8, 2015

I’m trying to have a healthier life by making sure I keep my activity up on a daily basis. Work helps with this since I spend most of my day on my feet walking around my work place but … → November 7, 2015

I decided in my search for a healthier life I would purchase myself an activity tracker. I had been using an app on my phone with varied results; working well except my phone spends half the day on my … → October 29, 2015

Tereza had to work a double so I was off visiting Amber the German Shepherd for dinner tonight. I picked up some food and headed over to Tereza’s house to see Amber. After taking Amber for a … → October 14, 2015

One of my greatest discoveries last month was Spotify. I say discoveries but what I really mean is that Tereza kept telling me how much she was loving it so I had to try it and … → October 8, 2015

In May I traded in My GSX-R 750 for a Triumph Scrambler 900, and riding is back to being a pleasure activity. → September 27, 2015

A large number of fixes and updates have been made to the site over the past couple of days including bringing back the webcam and adding back a large number of missing images. → September 27, 2015

My 1st stop on photographing every town in Connecticut was Andover, check it out in the Gallery.   → August 9, 2015

So I have set myself the challenge to photograph every town in Connecticut visiting each one in alphabetical order starting with Andover and finishing up with Woodstock, its going to take a while. List of Towns  … → August 1, 2015

A pro appreciation event was held at work today (Lowes Home Improvement, Lisbon, CT) and to make the event stand out they added a twist of style and shot of horsepower by having a cruise night along with the vendors. → May 6, 2015

It was a cold April morning but I decided to take a trip to Southwick Massachusetts to see the Motocross as one of the guys at work was racing. It was the first time I had been … → April 5, 2015

It had been a while but it was nice to head out to the Mohegan Sun Casino with Izzi for the buffet breakfast. After breakfast and probably eating more than was needed we talk a walk … → April 4, 2015

While out hiking today if you stepped off the trail you found out just how deep the snow was. → March 8, 2015

After the 1st real snow storms of 2015 it was time to dig my way out.   → March 6, 2015

I’m cooking sweet and sour kielbasa for the 1st time, so hoping it all turns out ok. → January 3, 2015

Started of the new year with a morning walk at Gay City State Park, it’s a chilly start to 2015.  → January 1, 2015

My day hasn’t started well, I was out test flying my Vector controlled Tri-Copter at my house in Franklin when it malfunctioned, one moment it was flying above me then the next it wasn’t. The flight … → December 27, 2014

The view from the onboard camera mounted on my Tri-Copter while flying over Franklin CT → December 22, 2014

Hiking at Gay City State Park in Hebron today while its trying to snow. Had to stop ad take a picture of the mini snowman that someone had left on one of the bridges. → December 21, 2014

While I’m home visiting family and friends in England I decided to drop in on Hayley for a coffee. I’ve known Hayley for many years and although we don’t talk often its always nice to catch … → December 11, 2014

I had Dinner with Dez tonight at the Marsh Harrier which made for a pleasant change. It was good to catch up because as most people know I’m not good at keeping in touch with people … → December 9, 2014